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Interkulturelles Training | intercultural training | 跨文化培训

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Chinesische Mauer

Chinese Walls The Chinese Wall is a symbol for the long time successful protection against everything foreign. Traditionally, everything in China was protected by walls: from small things like family homes to large things like the entire country. Even today the government tries to protect China from too strong a foreign influence, whereas the Chinese are often fascinated by modernization and development and the glittering diversity coming along with this progress.


Negotiations and Meals Physical well being and eating is essential for the Chinese. Thus the meal offered to us when visiting a small factory in a rural area was delicious and it did not matter that it was served in enamel bowls and in an empty storeroom. Meals comprise an important sociable component: stagnating negotiations, where both sides left the meeting rather displeased, may well gathered momentum sometime in the course of a dinner.


Chinese Traffic Rules The pictures I usually saw on my way to work in Beijing were those of heavy traffic, people on their way to their place of work by car, bus, motorcycle, bicycle or foot. Sometimes, however, I wanted to see the city wake up, I wanted to see how its inhabitants get ready for the new day. If you go out at the break of dawn, you will meet many Chinese who practice their early morning exercise open-air. Of course open-air ? just imagine the number of gyms and fitness centers required for all those active Chinese? And more often than not they practice in groups: Qi Gong, traditional shadow boxing in various forms, ballroom dance, Chinese dance, gymnastics and aerobics. They practice in parks, on public squares and e.g. on the side of stadium entrances ? on one side of the entrance disco dance music is booming out of a boom box for the aerobic students who know exactly which sequence of steps belongs to which tune, on the opposite side there is another recorder that emits waltz or tango music. And those who did not make it in the morning or have not had enough exercise can join another group with similar goings in the evening after work.


The more haste, the less speed.

Confucian Analects

The first step to business ventures in China is generally associated with high costs in terms of time and money.  Accordingly, attention should be placed on the initial preparations and details. Snap decisions seldom pay off.  Apart from expertise in one's field of business, it is just as important to have a solid understanding of the Chinese culture and a general knowledge of the Chinese market and the economic situation.


Intercultural training will make you familiar with the basics of Chinese etiquette and offer you an insight into various Chinese social structures.  This includes e.g. hierarchical structures and relationships, but also cognitive and behavioral patterns.  The training will provide you with a solid base to face every day life in China and be well prepared with the particularities of Chinese culture.


Whether you encounter the Chinese culture as an individual or as part of a delegation, as a representative of a small, medium-sized, or large company, or while attending to a Chinese delegation abroad, each training program will be customized to meet the needs of you or your employees and fit your budget.  Chinaffairs offers an initial complementary consultation to determine timing, extent and key aspects of the training.


A customized coaching program is recommended if you prefer long-term support for your China activities beyond the training workshop.

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