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Chinese Opera The Chinese opera is still or - I should rather say - again very popular among Chinese people. If you take the time to understand the individual characters and the hidden meanings behind their masks and their movements, you will discover an interesting form of art that combines singing, sprechgesang, dance, pantomime and acrobatics. However, to Western ears an authentic Peking opera, which lasts several hours, is rather tiring. While I was living in Beijing, several colleagues and friends that came to visit China asked me to introduce this Chinese form of art to them. I usually decided to show them the rather pared-down, touristy program with extracts from various operas, acrobatics, traditional Chinese music and Qi Gong, and even this appeared to be „quite strange“ to most of them.


Religion In communist China, religion was, for a long time, labeled as something backward and rarely practiced. Although this official attitude was rescinded at the end of the Mao era, only recently could a new return to religion be noticed. Now, you will find people of all age groups burning incense and praying in Chinese temples.

The exclusivity, which characterizes our Western religions, is unknown to the Chinese; Buddhists or Taoists do not worship only one single god. Therefore, it is possible, that several religions and schools of faith can be practiced alongside each other: a practicing Buddhist may at the same time follow Taoist rules, or in spite of being a member of a Christian religious community he or she may still be attached to Confucian beliefs.


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Based on many years of experience in and with China, Chinaffairs is able to offer the following supplemental services in addition to its training workshops and coaching programs:

  • Support in planning and implementing trips to China
  • Support in planning and implementing visits of Chinese delegations to Germany
  • Translations between German, English and Chinese (simplified and traditional characters) languages
  • Interpreting for negotiations
  • Language instruction


Please feel free to contact me, if interested in any of the above services.  Further details in a personal consultation will gladly be provided.

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